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"Our Custom Work

This page showcases our customized works for our clients.  While we cannot post all of our custom work here, we do custom work for all types of items that you see on our website, ranging from hand carved panel to hand carved finial "chofa" Resin.   Some of the items shown below include Teak Panels, Thai Spirit House,  Buddha statues, Naga statues, Bronze Statues,  and Terra Cotta Statues.  

As you will see below, our work is not limited to work in our Asian cultures, but is extended globally, such as carving of the "last supper", Greek Royal Arm Code crest.   Please contact us directly for details and information.

We just need your specific or estimated size and design or conceptual design as to what you would like to see and our artists would be able assist you with what you want for your space.

Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen Gold Leaf Naga Custom Life Size Avalokiteshvara Thousand Arms God of Infinite Compassion Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen Custom Arch
Arch & Naga Sculpture in Teak Wood Avalokiteshvara Statue in Natural Jackfruit wood Custom Arch in Teak Wood
Custom Tibetan Thangka and carved wood frame Sandstone Balinese Buddha Carved Console Table
Custom Tibetan Thangka and Carved Teak Frame Custom Sandstone Balinese Buddha Statue Custom Carved Console Table
Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen Custom Buddha Heads, Wood panels Hand Carved Terra Cotta Panel prior to baking Rock Sugar Custom Ceiling Panel
Custom Buddha Heads and Carved Panels Photo:  LA Times Custom Hand Carved Terra Cotta Panel prior to going in the oven Hand Carved Ceiling Panel in Teak
Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen Lattice Panel and Teak Frame Custom Finial Chofa in Resin Carved Trash Bin
Custom Lattice and Custom Frame Teak Panels Custom Finial "Chofa" in resin Carved Trash Bins
Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen Pots & Bodhisattva Statue Rock Sugar Pan Asian Kitchen Fountain, Stools, Pots Rock Sugar Bodhisattva Statue
Custom Bodhisattva Statue & Floral Pots.  Photo:  OHLALA Mag
Custom Terra Cotta Fountain, (stools, sconces, pots, and more not shown here) Hand Carved Bronze/Brass Bodhisattva Statue
Greek Royal Arm Code Lions CrestGreek Royal Arm Code Lions Crest Custom Terra Cotta Panel Greek Royal Arm Code Crest Greek Royal Arm Code Crest
Custom Greek Royal Arm Code Lions Crest for Greek Client Custom 9ft x 18ft Terra Cotta Panel for Zipsearch in San Diego.
Custom Greek Royal Arm Code Crest for Greek Client







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